About The Show

Hello everyone, I'm Jason LaVelle, welcome to The Raven, a podcast for people who love stories. Each week I’ll read you a new story across a variety of genres, and afterwards the artist and I will talk about how that story came to be, and how they make stories that all of us can love. Since I was a child, I've always loved reading a great story, in fact fiction helped me get through a lot of troubled times in my youth. Now, in addition to reading stories, I get to write them, and I have five novels available at all major online retailers. Story is my passion, my great love, and I want to share that love with you. This is a podcast for those of you who love stories, just like I do.

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About The Host

I'm an author and photographer from West Michigan. I've worked more jobs in more fields than I can remember. Sometimes I blame it on my ADD, others, on an insatiable quest for knowledge. Currently I work at a veterinary clinic, helping animals of all kinds. I have a beautiful wife and four fantastic children. My K-9 crew consists of two pugs, a Chihuahua, and an annoying dachshund named Lady. That's not all though, my house is basically a zoo. We also have birds, fish, guinea pigs, and - well, I forget the rest. After I'm done playing with the pugs and tucking the kids into bed, I venture down into the basement, where a demonic muse named Leah (my tortoiseshell cat), forces me to explore the paranormal world inside my mind. If you'd like to check out my fiction, please visit me at.